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HR Advisory Services

HR Strategy & Advisory Services

Many leaders do not have the experience or expertise to integrate good human resources management into their daily business decision making. Further, many leaders avoid dealing with human resource issues until there is a crisis or threat of third party action. Throughout our history, we have always worked hard to bring peace of mind for our clients. Therefore, helping you lead and manage your most valued assets, the people who individually and collectively achieve your organizational goals, is the focus of our HR strategy and advisory practice.


At CARIZMA, we believe that for any organization to have long-term viability, it needs to have best in class Human Resource management. Whether you are a small organization of just a few, a mid-sized company or a large corporation, we offer HR support that will help you and your organization realize your goals.


Because one size does not fit all, we tailor all of our solutions to our clients' needs. We work with you to determine the best solutions within your budgetary framework.


The key to success for most organizations today is effective human resource management.

HR Strategic Consulting

Achieving success through people involves strategic HR practices that can make a significant impact on your firm's performance. HR strategy is a statement of intent of where your business wants to go through people. We will work with you to help define your intentions, achieve strategic fit by allocating and developing your people and determine your organizational strategic capability. Whether it is talent management, building employer of choice working environments including core values, diversity or work life balance, job and work design, knowledge management, high performance management or reward management, we can partner with you to help you achieve your business objectives.

HR Advice

You can turn to us for all your HR advice needs.


Whether your business is expanding or you’re looking to review your HR operations we’ll help you to optimize them.


Our consultants provide a personalized service to suit your business needs. The scope of our services is broad, for example:

  • business planning facilitation

  • designing, implementing and evaluating bespoke management training

  • advising on complex grievance and disciplinary cases

  • managing recruitment

  • administering restructuring and redundancy

  • arranging and applying appraisal systems

  • devising assessment centers

  • sourcing and implementing self-serviced HR IT systems

  • supporting disciplinary hearings


We offer pay-as-go or monthly retainer packages providing you with the flexibility to choose.


Our consultants will meet with you to decide on your objectives, time frames and the delivery of packages. We’re available around the clock to help you with your HR and all related topics. 

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