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Project Management Professional - PMP®


The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the highest and most important professional certification internationally recognized in project management area. This Certificate is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), and proves that its holders have the essential project management capabilities and skills. The PMP designation is attained after passing the PMI approved test successfully. The test requires studying the approved curricula through a PMI certified training center. CARIZMA is one of the PMI certified training centers.

Value of Obtaining PMP® Credential

On Corporate Level: 

Put the employer in an advanced position through the implementation of projects efficiently within time frame, as per specific objectives and budget allocations for their projects, and gaining the confidence of customers through the satisfaction of all concerned parties with the project achievements.


On Personal Level: 

Obtaining international accreditation in the field of project management, and documentation of professional experience to the project managers as professional project managers, providing them with higher opportunities for career promotion in the project management positions, together with higher job packages.

PMP® Exam Prep. Curriculum:

CARIZMA deliver the the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate review program in Kuwait, using PMBOK, which modules are accredited by the PMI® for this certificate as follows:

Module I   : Initiation

Module II  : Planning

Module III : Executing

Module IV: Monitoring and Controlling

Module V : Closing

Module VI: Professional & Social responsibility

PMP® Exam Prep. Course Details


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