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Events and Conferences 

What We Do

CARIZMA International is a national events company specialized in organizing high standard conferences, exhibitions, seminars, forums, and camps.

Our Bespoke Events

CARIZMA International operates mainly in providing integrated services in the management and organization of conferences and exhibitions, whether standing as a sole organizer or in partnership with government agencies or other private entities. The mechanism of action in CARIZMA allows us to organize and manage various forms of conferences in all fields and in different parts of the world.

Our History

CARIZMA International has organized and managed a number of conferences, exhibitions, seminars and business forums as well as sport and youth camps in Kuwait and the GCC countries and other Arab states. Our record of clients and event sponsors features many Ministries and government agencies as well as major companies in the private sector. CARIZMA International also provides the latest logistics related to events and conferences industry.

Events Calendar

Below are the events schedules for Q1 2020:
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