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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the UK awarding body for HR qualifications. Over 13,000 students worldwide join CIPD programmes each year to enhance their knowledge on the latest theory, case studies and insights into best practice HR. In 2013 CIPD Celebrated its 100th Birthday, CIPD Qualifications are worldwide accredited and its Membership is widely respected due to great positive impact of CIPD Members on their Organizations.


CIPD qualifications are available at Level 3 (Foundation), Level 5 (Intermediate) and Level 7 (Advanced), and you can study Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at each of these levels. Most CIPD qualifications provide a pathway to becoming a CIPD professional member, at Associate (Assoc CIPD). The Advanced Level Diploma, PDS (or university equivalent) provides the underpinning knowledge to apply to become recognised as a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.

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CIPD Qualifications

Improved employability

A CIPD qualification is valued by employers and it will equip you with the knowledge and skills you require to carry out your role effectively.


Greater understanding of HR

Our courses are current and continuously updated, so you gain a real understanding of HR in a business context.


Increased earning potential

Independent research reveals that individuals with professional qualifications stand to earn £81,000 in additional earning over a lifetime (CCPMO Economic Impact Report, December 2008)

CIPD Level 3 & Level 5 Diplomas in Kuwait

CIPD Programs are  available in Kuwait starting February 2016 through partnership between CARIZMA International and Oakwood International Ltd, UK. Oakwood International is a fully accredited centre authorised by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). 


Oakwood is the world’s largest provider of CIPD Foundation Programs outside the UK. Oakwood  has been successfully delivering CIPD Qualifications in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Libya, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and Croatia) for over 10 years.

The benefits of studying with CARIZMA & OAKWOOD 

There are so many reasons to choose us for your CIPD qualification program

  1. When you study with Oakwood you can be guaranteed wealth of expertise. We have been developing and delivering a CIPD flexible learning programs for over 15 years; that’s more than any other provider. 

  2. All CIPD Programs are delivered by Oakwood International UK Certified Trainers and according to CIPD Internationally standardized Studying Plan, Materials and Venue (5 Stars Hotel).

  3. The Qualifications delivered in Kuwait provide up to date content that has been specifically tailored to be relevant to the country.

  4. Our success rates rank among the best in the country consistently exceeding the CIPD national averages and competitors.

  5. We constantly review our programs, and work with sector experts to ensure they are relevant and specific to industry. Our programs are developed to meet the changing needs of businesses. Our proven, blended approach allows you to take control of your own learning and development.

  6. Oakwood and CARIZMA teams are committed to checking the quality of our programs and are available to offer support and give advice at every stage. We recruit industry practitioners to deliver our programs, providing you with in-depth expertise and dependable support.


March 04, 2016

Attending the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HRM oeganized by CARIZMA and delivered by Oakwood International was a very rich experience. Thanks perfect team.

Manahel Fouad

Salmyia, Kuwait

March 02, 2016

Finally, CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HRM is in Kuwait. Awsome Experience. Thanks to CARIZMA and  Oakwood International. It was a very rich experience. 

Sabru Bashir

Hawally, Kuwait

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What level of professional membership can I apply for? 

What level of study can I apply for? 

Level 3 (Foundation)
Foundation Level  qualifications are perfect if you want to acquire a wide range of relevant practical skills in HR and development. Our Level 3 Foundation Certificates and Diplomas also give you a professionally recognised qualification and a professional level of CIPD membership, Associate (Assoc CIPD). You can choose to follow a HR or L&D pathway and you also have the opportunity to study individual Foundation Level Awards to either start or top up your HR and L&D knowledge.​
Level 5 (Intermediate)
Intermediate Level qualifications will help to develop your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of different Human Resources (HR) or Learning and Development (L&D) models and practices and increase the understanding of the external factors that impact upon HR activities and organisations, whilst also developing planning, analytical and problem solving skills. They also offer you the opportunity to build on your expertise in your chosen HR or L&D subjects.

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