CARIZMA International  is a premier training and consultancy company established with highly competitive standards for training, coaching, professional education, learning and development, to provide genuine, elite and diverse training programs that enhance individual’s knowledge and skills and facilitate organizations business growth.


We provide professional business training courses, carefully designed for companies to train their staff and for individuals who are seeking their own personal development.


Our team is made up of industry experts with deep practical and training experience, with our staff expertise, that is our main asset to deliver the knowledge to you and your teams.


We offer the full range of training services, from structured learning geared towards qualifications to team building, coaching and mentoring. This breadth of expertise is unique and allows us to deliver complete development programmes built from the ground up to meet your objectives. Our training services provide the flexibility and diversity to meet individual specific business needs.

HR Advisory

We provide our HR consulting in Kuwait for government agencies and businesses in private sector as well as NGOs. In this regard we particularly draw upon our international alliances and expertise in Human Resources management, as well as our experienced consultants having in-depth knowledge of the critical strategic issues and day-to-day operational challenges facing different industries and professions within entities of all sectors.

Open Learning System

CARIZMA is a local agent for a major Egyptian university that operates an open learning system, i.e. Mansoura University. Mansoura University offer 4 year bachelor degrees in a number of specialties through open learning. CARIZMA handles the registration issues, and study material and online support as well as organizing rigorously proctored examinations.  Holders of such BA degrees can pursue their postgraduate studies.


In some cases, our service extends beyond the administration part to facilitate academic solutions to help students with theirs courses.  

The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development or CIPD qualification is one of the most highly sought after and recognizable HR qualification today. Studying for a CIPD Qualification is usually done by people working in an HR role and the course is flexible to ensure that the participant can still carry out his work and obtain sound and correct HR practice. 


CARIZMA offer the best accredited Human Resources programmes. These are delivered by our partners, Oakwood International Ltd, a fully accredited centre authorised by the Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)...